The Citizens Voice
October 16, 2018

Group identifies candidates who will reform government

by Peter Ouellette

Clean Money Squad PA has a simple mission: to identify candidates for elected office in Pennsylvania who are committed to reform government and politics in Pennsylvania. The citizens of our state are fed up with politics as usual. Many have just given up, and feel that they can do little to change our broken system. We aim to change that.

Clean Money Squad PA’s job is to tell voters which candidates will commit to fight corruption and reform our government. Clean Money Squad PA is contacting candidates for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and state legislative and executive offices throughout Pennsylvania and asking them to formally endorse the American Anti-Corruption Act. Currently, 76 candidates from four parties have taken the pledge.

The American Anti-Corruption Act is comprehensive model legislation which addresses political bribery, secret money, lobbying, gerrymandering, election reform and seeks to give all voters a voice in their government. Other provisions include closing the “revolving door,” and limiting contributions from Super PACs. The American Anti-Corruption Act was crafted by former Federal Election Commission Chairman Trevor Potter in consultation with dozens of strategists, democracy reform leaders and constitutional attorneys from across the political spectrum.

Corruption is a threat in Pennsylvania; the independent State Integrity Investigation ranks Pennsylvania a dismal 45th out of 50, receiving an “F” grade, citing “An entrenched culture of malfeasance,” and no limits on lobbying, campaign finance, gerrymandering and lax oversight as major factors.

Leading up to the general election, Clean Money Squad PA volunteers will continue to contact candidates and elected officials asking them to endorse the American Anti-Corruption Act. Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact candidates in their districts about Clean Money Squad PA.

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